Kenny’s Cosmic Hallelujah!

When Tortuga headliner, Kenny Chesney delayed his album from a July release date to October, we were BUMMED. But the stars have aligned, and October is soon upon us for the release of what we predict is Kenny’s biggest album yet, Cosmic Hallelujah.

Cosmic Hallelujah comes 2 years after his album, The Big Revival, which produced 4 number 1’s that include “American Kids.” The new album’s first single, “Setting the World On Fire” featuring P!nk has made waves in the Country Top 5 and is on the brink of breaking through on the pop charts.

Kenny has gone on to say how personal this album is to him. He states, “In some ways, this record is more me than anything I’ve done. You get into my head, my heart, and the way so much of what’s going on around all of us hits me.”

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Meanwhile, check out a few of our favorite Kenny songs through the years!