From Your Eyes: Tortuga Fan Fiesta!

Tortuga Music Festival:A combination of tan lines, good times, and everything feeling right!”  We have our fans to thank for bringing the GOOD TIMES! Here’s a collection of some of YOUR greatest moments from last year’s festival:

Gimme a T, gimme a M, gimme a F. What’s that spell?!?! BRING IT ON:  #TortugaFest edition.

#pyramid #Tortuga #fortlauderdale

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Welcome to #TortugaFest resort! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the music!

Wish we were still partying like we were on ~vacation~

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Why stand when you could lounge on the beautiful beach? #TortugaFest

You can find me where the music meets the ocean? #tortugamusicfestival

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Put your (cowboy) hats in the air like you just don’t care! #TortugaFest

Showing the love for America #tortugamusicfestival2016 #tortugafest #tortuga #becausesummer #daydrinking #lynardskynard #rocktheocean

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We <3 our patriotic fans! Red, white, & #TortugaFest Blue!


There’s really no party like a #TORTUGAFEST party!! Our fans really know how to bring the good times!!

Yeah it's #SUNdayFUNday at #Tortuga #TortugaMusicFestival #TortugaFest #RockTheOcean in #FortLauderdale #Florida

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Friends who #TortugaFest together, stick together!

The wind and the waves were slippin' away but that moment felt so alive #TortugaFest #SamHunt

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Suns out guns out! #TortugaFest


Beware of talented fans: they can be highly distracting!

Flying high at Tortuga ????☀️?

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TFW you’re next to a shark but totally cool with it. Only at #TortugaFest

Thanks again for being the best fans in allll of the land! Can’t wait to see y’all again next year! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter here to stay on top of all #TortugaFest announcements.